Beautiful friends!

What an amazing meeting we had last Wednesday. Thank you again, Marshelle, for sharing your beautiful story!

Easter really is all about Jesus. I want to encourage you to participate in one of the many opportunities to celebrate Easter. Here are just a few ideas:

Read the story here in Matthew 26-28.

Stop by Crossroads for the Journey of the Cross:

Sorry, had some technical difficulties, be sure to check out the video here: 


Check out the community Good Friday service at the Bigfork Chapel, March 29th, 3:30 PM.

Attend one of the services at the Majestic put on by Fresh Life Church.



Or, visit any of the wonderful churches in the area. You may find some familiar faces at these ones: 

Crossroads Christian Fellowship

Bethany Lutheran

New Covenant

Fresh Life

Cornerstone Community Church

He is not here, for He has risen, just as He said! – Matthew 28:6

Happy Easter!!!!

Who is the bully?

What a wonderful morning we had with Barbi Webber last week.

I think each one of us has been bullied and/or been the bully at one time or another.

We women often find ourselves in the grips of judgment, comparison, and just plain self-preservation by whatever means necessary.  At times another bullies us, but most often don’t we bully ourselves?

We endure as our own worst enemies as we dwell on what we don’t do right, why our kids don’t act like “her” kids, where our bodies are squishy, and why we aren’t the embodiment of our pinterest boards or why our meals and crafts are far from Martha’s.


Maybe it is time to apply Barbi’s advice to ourselves.


  • Firmly tell yourself what you know to be true – “I am a good mom.”
  • Fairly assess the situation – “Right now is not my best mothering moment, but we sure had a lot of fun this morning and more to look forward to this evening.” “ I can handle the next time better”
  • Be friendly. Would you say the same thing to your dearest friend that you are saying to yourself? No WAY! You wouldn’t have any friends if you spoke to them the way you speak to yourself. Encourage your heart – “God knows I am the BEST mom for MY kids.” Believe it!


I’ll try not to be a bully, if you’ll try, too.  Starting with ourselves!

“Love as if your life depended on it” –  1 Peter 4:8

Just in case you missed Barbi’s information and would like to be in touch with her you can reach her at the Hope Line: 212-0478 (completely confidential) or by e-mail: bwebber@krmc.org