Everything Passes…even gas

Tonight my baby has gas. It’s just a fact of life. BUT; she was NOT happy. As she screamed, I found myself having to search high and low through a basket of “baby” things she has already outgrown for the gas drops we hadn’t needed in so long. In my haste, newborn pacifiers fell to the ground and bounced among the teethers and toddler toys scattered on the floor. They bounced between a pair of shoes whose only giveaway to childhood is their sparkly pink flowers – you sure can’t tell from the size of them. One of those blue nose bulb sucker deals (torture devices if you ask me!)  rolled under my chair and I sent my little boy under to get it. He complied as if he has been a capable big brother forever. After I got the baby  calmed down, I started to look around at all the newborn pacifiers and teeny tiny outgrown newborn clothes all folded and set aside for the newest baby in our family (my niece) to be born.  I have to admit, I got a little teary. You see, it all passed by so quickly.

It doesn’t seem that long ago I was walking around in circles, eyes barely open and arms aching, thinking my daughter would never be big enough to soothe herself to sleep. Now she does. And I just can’t believe how quickly it has gone.

You know those nights when you just can’t imagine doing the sleep walk carry around the room again?  It’ll pass.

You know that temper tantrum that has lasted for 20 minutes (seems like hours)?

It’ll pass.

You know the frustration that comes with 3rd time you have cleaned up the same toy before your

 in-laws arrive?

It’ll pass.

You know that moment when your baby spits up all over the outfit you have carefully chosen for your first date night since he was born?

It’ll pass.


All the moments pass. Some of them pass quickly as if in an instant. Other situations take a little longer—like the “terrible 2’s”- or whatever age feels terrible right now. But; they all do eventually end.


With each pacifier I put back in the basket, I thought to myself how quickly my littlest is growing up and how I am going to cherish everything as a last moment instead of a first this time around. And in the meantime, the gas drops and itty bitty socks are going to stay right where they are. I’m just not ready for anything other than the gas she has to pass. 


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