Do you have a favorite part of MOPS? A part that makes you feel alive and real and just “you”? Do you have another part of MOPS that really isn’t your scene, that’s sometimes difficult to get through, that doesn’t resonate with you?
For me, the thing I love most about MOPS are the conversations we have at our tables. Oh, and the breakfasts!:-) But I love digging deeper and getting to know the ladies at my table. I’ve made a number of relationships that have outlived the table. It’s been so helpful to me to share experiences and both encourage and be encouraged. Through MOPS, I’ve come to feel way less alone as a mom.
But anybody who knows me well will also know that the nights out are sometimes a struggle for me. I am an introvert. This does not mean that I hate people; it just means that large groups of people can be a bit draining and I need a lot of quiet time and small group or one-on-one time with friends. Big group events, parties, and mixers have the tendency to make me either break out in a sweat or just make me feel a bit on the sidelines. I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about this, though. I’m learning and growing and what I’ve really been trying to remind myself lately is that while the nights out are not my favorite part of MOPS at all, they are a way of showing love to ladies who are different from me. I’m sure there are some of you who really, really look forward to the night out and a chance to laugh and forget your cares and responsibilities for a while. And that’s important. Some might be like me and a little nervous to go to a large-group event, but some might be nervous to share at their tables too. Some might come to MOPS and get bored sitting a long time and listening to a speaker. The great thing about MOPS is that there is something for all of us, no matter where we are coming from.
It makes such a difference when we begin to see each other as unique ladies. Instead of getting riled by the differences, we can realize each of us is uniquely made by our Creator. We’re different—not wrong. MOPS introduces us to all different types of people. Being around those who are different from us enriches our lives in so many ways. It’s awesome when we can support each other and remember that each mom is exactly the way God made her and that’s ok. And I’m exactly the way God made me and that’s ok too.
So…I really hope you’ll come join me at the night out this Friday. If you’re a wallflower like me, come help decorate the wall beside me.  If you’re the life of the party, get out there and work the room! God made us all different and the beauty of MOPS is that no matter what we are like, there’s probably another mom out there who’s quite a bit like us. Don’t feel bad about being the kind of lady you are. Claim it!

Ladies, it’s a privilege to mother beside you!

Bio: Rebecca Florence Miller is a DGL this year at the Yellow table. You can find her online at rebeccaflorencemiller.wordpress.com

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