Jan Roberson: Be You, Bravely

Welcome to a new year in Bigfork MOPS!

Our theme this year in MOPS is “Be You, Bravely.” What does that even mean?

Be You.

What is it that you want to do as a mom? What do you want your children and family to look like? What are your hopes and dreams? What is it that you would like to do but feel that you cannot?

This year we will have great speakers who will give ideas and encouragement in different aspects of parenting and womanhood. However, parenting and family advice is not one size fits all. Each of you is unique in all the world; your family is unique in all the world. Discernment is needed to apply what is heard and read to our own situations. We need to gain confidence in ourselves as moms.

But MOPS is not only advice and ideas for moms. MOPS exists for moms to find a place of love and support. It is my hope that in MOPS this year each person would be encouraged and supported to be the best moms they can possibly be.


Why “bravely”? Why does it take courage to be yourself? Courage, bravery by definition means that there is some risk and some fear involved in the action that is contemplated. Is it risky to be yourself? Possibly. If you are your truest self–the best and worst form of yourself–in front of others, they may not like it; you may face rejection. If your dearest dreams were exposed, someone might doubt you, your abilities or your dream.

On the other hand, in being yourself, you may find moms who have had the same pain as you; you may find someone who understands deeply the struggles you face and shares them. Or you may find a friend that you really “click” with and that will appreciate you in your best and worst days.

You may find a person at your table who is your direct opposite and will challenge you to grow as a person and as a mom. You may have some of your dearly-held beliefs questioned, and you may have to become surer and more articulate about what you think or reevaluate those ideas.
In any case, by being yourself and bravely letting people know who you are, you will become enriched by honest and real friendships in MOPS. You will be challenged to be your very best, to grow as a mom, and to pursue dreams. You will be challenged to BE YOU BRAVELY.

Jan Roberson has been a mentor in the Bigfork MOPS for 7 years.  She has taught in public and private schools, homeschooled and has been a private tutor.  Dan and Jan have two adult children, Caitlin and Nathaniel, and have lived in the Flathead Valley for more than 20 years.


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