Annie Ricci: Start the New Year with a Clean Slate


Do you have any regrets from 2014? Were you harsh and sarcastic toward your significant other? Did you not listen to or play with your child or children when they needed you to be interested in them? Did you take advantage of someone’s kindness? Did you heap undeserved guilt upon yourself for things that were not entirely–or not at all–your fault?

Now that 2015 has begun, take a moment to own up to the places you fell short this past year. If you need to apologize for being a jerk to someone, do it. If you need to forgive yourself for being unkind or rough with YOU, do it. If you need to let go of your right to be right, do it. While you are busy driving around this month, reflect on the things that you did or did not do that may have made you feel bad about yourself or that may have hurt someone else. And own it by saying something like, “Yep, I did that.” Then, LET IT GO.

It’s hard to face a bright, shiny new year with unfinished business clinging to our hearts and dragging us down either consciously or subconsciously. You are more likely to work positively toward your New Year’s resolutions when you aren’t weighed down with regret from the year you just left behind. Accepting responsibility for screwing up is a sign of maturity; forgiving ourselves for those screw-ups is a sign of wisdom.

I wish you both maturity and wisdom as this year draws to a close.

anniebw 001I am a mom, wife, daughter, friend, professional coach and licensed marriage and family therapist who is always seeking ways to be a better person today than I was yesterday.
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