Jillian Johnsrud-Morrissey: Sharing the Mundane

opendoorIt’s great to share the big fun moments with friends. Birthday parties…themed dinner parties with decor…game nights…summer BBQs. I love those. But to be honest, sometimes I find it hard to plan, coordinate, or even make it to them. And they don’t come often.

Then I get lonely. Isolated. I suppose having four little kids at home can get that way.

But I remember a time a few years ago, in a different country, when I shared the mundane with some other moms. And those are the moments that I get so homesick for that that my heart hurts.

Most mornings I would walk across the hall in my pjs, baby (also in pjs) in my arms, and a cup of tea in hand to hang out with my neighbors. Before I had the energy to “start” my day or put on makeup, we would sit and drink a cup of coffee, make small talk, then go separate ways to the tasks at hand. Breakfast dishes still on the table, cereal on the floor, cartoons playing, we just shared life together. Or I would walk a few houses down to see if a friend wanted to go to the park with us for thirty minutes. Or maybe I was heading into town and would find another mom to do some shopping with. Or: “I’m thinking about going to the library this afternoon, want to join us?” Every day, in the small mundane tasks that I was going to do anyway, I “shared life” with friends. I use that term loosely. Some I had just met or barely knew, but that didn’t matter, because I would get to know them. Until we became BBFs, we would sit on the park bench together and watch our kids play. Some I had almost nothing in common with, others I grew to adore, but with all of them I shared little mundane moments that made us like family. In a three-year tour overseas with the military, everyone is new, everyone needs friends and people to be like family to them. So you put yourself out there. Not with fancy dinner parties but by sharing life.

Montana is a big place; the Flathead Valley is a big place. We all feel so spread out. But sometimes I see you out and about in Costco or Target. I live downtown Kalispell, so if you happen to be out of the house anyways on a Monday morning, want to stop by?

It’s an open invite to all Bigfork MOPS moms. I’m clearing my calendar to make room for the mundane. It’s so easy to let the lesser things fill our weeks up, and then those “big” things that really matter never get put on the calendar.

So Mondays between 9-11:30 I’m free. No appointments, no errands. My house won’t be clean. I’ll probably be in workout clothes, and my kids will be in jammies, most likely. But I’ll have tea ready, maybe even coffee. Maybe it will be just us, and I can get to know you. Or maybe a few friends will join us. You don’t have to stay the whole time, just stop by unannounced before you start your shopping. It seems like I can spend an entire year hoping to find time to hang out with that new mom I met at MOPS, wanting to get to know her better, to know her kids, only to never “find the time.” Well, it’s been found. Monday anytime between 9-11:30. Have no idea who I am? Well here’s your chance to find out. =) Sometimes you just need to put yourself out there.

JillianAt the ripe old age of 32, I’ve spent 12 years married, been mom to 5 awesome kids, spent 4 years living in Washington DC, 4 years in gorgeous Germany, traveled through 27 countries (to included a haphazard month in the Philippines), been sane, then crazy (bipolar), then felt sane again, know the most amazing friends a girl can have, and spent the last 14 years following Christ in whatever He calls me to.

photo credit: Invitation to the Outdoors via photopin (license)

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