Ida Fischer: I Carry Easter With Me Wherever I Go

7433786_c49a8aeca0It’s Holy Week, the days leading up to Easter when we look back on the final days of Jesus’s life. I was especially excited this year to attend the extra services my church offers. On Thursday, we wash each others’ feet and share a meal, just as Jesus did with his disciples. On Friday, the service is somber and still as we reflect on Jesus, dead on the cross. A day of darkness. Of human sadness. And then, suddenly, the exuberant, wild celebration of New Life and a Risen Lord on Sunday.


I was sad to realize we would be gone for Easter as Spring Break falls at the same time this year. But I’d forgotten that I carry Easter with me wherever I go. And I am experiencing unexpected bits of Easter every day.


Each night I wash my children’s feet at the door to the tent after days spent playing outside at the beach. I take my time, wash well between the toes, and brush all the sand off so it doesn’t fill their sleeping bags. I let my love wash over them, and I serve them just as Jesus did for his disciples.


I drink wine and break bread with dear friends. I feed my family daily. And in doing so I am a reflection of Jesus and the bread and wine he shared with those closest to him before he died. I become–we all become–a part of that communion.


On Good Friday, I will be in the Redwoods. I will stand in their deep, dark shadows and gaze up at their awesome heights. I will be still.


On Easter Sunday, I will get up at sunrise (as we have each day), when the first rays hit the walls of our tent and the kids begin to stir. I will stand up and face the rising sun. The Risen Son. Hallelujah.


May the mystery and joy of Easter meet you, wherever you are.


IdaIda Fischer has been involved in MOPS for 2 years and now serves as a Discussion Group Leader. She is married to Maarten and mother to Sam (9), Noa (7), and Mylo (4). She enjoys everything outdoors, reading, and spending time alone to paint. You can find her blog and artwork at Ida Fischer Art and Illustration.

photo credit: Easter lily close via photopin (license)

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